-Over a 20-year 3D career, Alex has became very familiar with 3D software, including proprietary tools. Most models
-shown were made using MAYA.

-3D tracks, stadiums, objects: NASCAR Racing(c) -Global VR & EA Sports.
-Alex was Responsible for enriching visuals with higher resolution textures, haze and other environmental aspects. This was for
-real tracks. Alex also assisted with 2D HUD and selection screens, and 3D track selection elements.
race blinp image
night scene

-3D Environments Models and textures - PGA Tour Golf Team Challenge(c) -Global VR & EA Sports.
-Alex's Roles: Lead Environment Artist/Manager Responsible for all 26 shipped real and fantasy courses and for the Driving Range...Pipelines,
-scheduling, mentoring, archiving, document writing to bug fixes. Concept/Terrain Artist for "The Great White North Golf and Ski Resort"
-course. He created, edited and textured fantasy golf terrain environments. Alex was responsible for editing and converting several of the real
-courses from older game data. There are also a few buildings and structures that he created.
Desert hole image hole 1 image
hole 9 image
Waterfall image
Ski Gondola image

-3D indicators and barriers: Need for Speed - Carbon(c) -Global VR & EA Sports.
-Alex was responsible for enriching visuals, including in-game indicators, some UI and car skins. He also assisted with 2D HUD elements.
race start image
city image

-City streets/buildings: Justice League - Heroes United -Global VR & WB / DC comics.
-Alex's Role: Lead Environment/Texture Artist. He created or edited Spaceship/City/Planet geometry to resemble that depicted
-in comic books. Alex adjusted or created new textures and UVWs, some new objects, as well as physics/collision geometry
-and new character textures. There was an over-abundance of unseen polygons that he eliminated and saved hundreds of
-thousands of faces from loading and rendering in each scene.
downtown city image

-City streets and level environment: Cubix:Robots for Everyone® -The 3DO Company.
-Alex's Role: Lead Terrain Artist. He created all the terrain surfaces for this game using 3D studio Max. All playable terrain was flat
-and had to be created with some 3D looking realism. He also created 3D trees, objects and buildings. This was a fun project to work on.
-Cubix:Robots for everyone(tm) was a hit Saturday morning television show in 2003...only these images are from the game.
yard scene junkyard scene
full level view

©2018 Alex Vaz Waddington

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