-Over a 20+ year 3D career, Alex has became very familiar with 3D software, including proprietary tools. Most models
-shown were made using MAYA.

-Icon creation -Motorola Mobility (Google and Lenovo).
Speaker geometry Fantasy course image
Clock icon geometry Clock image
Book geometry Book image
Text icon geometry Text icon image
Fan model animation Red Shoe icon model

-3D animated Gears - clock widget prototype -Motorola Mobility (Google).
-The widget allowed for full rotation around the clock and all springs/gears/hands moved proportionately. Hands animated
-with bounce, decay, acceleration and anticipation.
3D clock model

-3D gold frame - photo framing widget prototype -Motorola Mobility (Google).
-The widget allowed a user to view various images inside 3D frames.
3D frame geometry 3D frame model

-Low-Polygon Futuristic car - prototype -Motorola Mobility (Google).
-Other than on the wheels, this test model used no textures, only vertex colors.
futuristic car

©2016 Alex Vaz Waddington

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