-Over a 20-year 3D career, Alex has became very familiar with 3D software, including proprietary tools. Most models shown were made using MAYA.

-Low poly-count trees: PGA Tour Golf Challenge Edition -Global VR & EA Sports.
- I created most of these building textures, mapped them and created the geometry. They can be seen in some of the 'Great White North'
- course holes. I also did object placement and set timing for moving gondolas and other course life.(they are snapshots from debug cameras)
Cabin model image Cabin model image Cabin model image

-Medium poly-count buildings: CUBIX: Robots for Everyone -The 3DO Company.
-Role: Lead Terrain Artist. Alex created a few buildings and textures for this robot filled fantasy town. Most buildings were built to match those in
-the Saturday morning cartoon of the same title.
Cubix emergency building

-Low poly-count grid formed buildings: MONSTERS (working title) -The 3DO Company.
-Role: Lead Terrain Artist. Alex created geomtry and textures for buildings, objects and all terrain. Buildings required that they be made
-under certain constraints so that collision detection code would collapse them. Objects needed pivot points so that they could fall properly
-when collided with. The pink areas represent alpha channels and would render transparent in the game.
Cubix emergency building

©2016 Alex Vaz Waddington

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