-Automotive UX - Taking a look at some difficult round UX/UI concepts on a touch screen.
Climate mode 1
Climate mode 1 notes
climate mode
climate mode 2 notes
Media mode
Media mode 2

MOTOROLA - Prototyping
Alex was first hired onto the Prototyping team.

Music Player - This is a layout and part of a flow concept for a music player and information application.
new Assist features

Personal Assistance - an exploration of additional features that save time and get you a better quality of life.
How could a quick turn of a "Mode" dial change numerous settings and start applications?
new Assist features new Assist features

Home Automation - setting up a UI with fun 3D animated objects.
fan animation

Nitro - Taking the phone into the car and having the car be the extension and similar experience as the phone.
car mode dash concept

identification animation dash home page rerouting page

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