Moto 360

Alex always felt that the Moto 360 watch could have gone out to a broader audience with some fun animated gear style of watch and a few other selectable face styles and that it could have been branded more as a fashion item, than a tech gadget. Here are some of the alternate screens Alex created.

Steampunk style Blue Flourescent style Red Chrono style 1968 style Steampunk style Hotrod style Paper style Paisley style

Aeronautic style Geo style Retro swatch style audio style Retro glass style Dark Paisley style FooFooLaLa style Candy style

Moto style Geo style Nixi tubes style groove style Classic style Black 80s style marble style Candy style

Moto style Onyx style Retro swatch style classic two-tone style Retro glass style Blue chronotgraph brushed stainless style Leopard style

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©2016 Alex Vaz Waddington

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