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LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexvazw

What a recent recommendation on LinkedIn states:
"Alex is an extremely detail oriented and dedicated designer, during his time on my team, he was constantly
praised by his team mates for his ability to rapidly turn around assets, always delivering ahead of schedule. Alex was
also always happy to accommodate requests from other teams to 'borrow' him for specialized 3D graphics projects.

In addition to his design work, Alex was also very involved in innovation and IP discussions. He has a passion for
innovation which has resulted in several IP submissions during his time at Motorola.


email: alexvazw@gmail.com

mobile: (613) 790-1347


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Capturing images of active subjects according to activity profiles.
Patent number: 9413947
Grant Date: August 9, 2016
Abstract: Techniques for capture of images of active subjects are described herein. In one or more implementations, a wearable device is configured to collect data regarding action of a subject associated with the wearable device during an activity. The wearable device then communicates with a user's mobile phone or other computing device to trigger image capture in accordance with trigger points defined for the activity. This may involve streaming collected data for processing by the capturing computing device to recognize the triggers and/or sending indications of trigger points that are recognized by the wearable device.
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