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Acrylic painting

White charcoal and Conte on black paper

Pastel Image

Bow Image

Pumpkins Image

Acrylic painting

Acrylic painting

Assemblage Image

Charicature Image

Scratchboard Image

Cow Painting Image

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winter animation

Puppy Image

Car & streetlamp

cut outs


Bouncing Pyramid

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Additional Animations can be seen on the protoype collection of theming for Moto Connect (this link takes you to a Google drive page)


Train Image

Forest Photo (195KB)

Vancouver Image

Factory Photo 2 (247KB)

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Cow Head Detail

Cow Back

Cow Front

Cow Truck

This lifesize kinetic sculpture shows the marketing side of the dairy industry as well as the harsh reality of the environmental impact and the animal cruelty side. The cow mechanics include a wagging tail and cud-chewing jaw.

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Artist Bio
Alex enjoys a challenge, and going somewhere others haven't been before. It's enjoyable taking risks and trying new things. Experimentation is a great way to learn and develop through failure and successes. He appreciates design from various angles as well as novel and verified construction methods.

In the way of fine art mediums, there hasn't been one that Alex hasn't learned to love. He is starting to get more into sculpture, spaces/installations, animatronics and robotics made up of ceramics, plastics, paint, wood, pastel, photography, charcoal, recycled items and construction leftovers, to name a few.

For a long time, Alex created art to have a pretty picture on the wall. More recently, art has had a new purpose for him, whether deeply personal, political, socially aware or a new perspective to an old problem. He'd like to move more into an awakened consciousness of how art can improve our world and have us make better choices. Alex feels that capturing the audience's attention is critical to get them to try to understand the sometimes hidden or blatantly obvious message. In the end he'd like the viewer to experience delight without the loss of an important message.

Sometimes a shift to a childhood memory or watching something move, is all it takes to get the viewers attention. If the work gets you thinking, involved or puts you in a different realm or zone, then Alex feels he's succeeded. Art is a different way to express an opinion, make a statement, to get you thinking or simply to bring up some emotions. The world is quickly becoming aware of the realities and lies thrown at us for centuries. It's time to awaken.

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