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Active Display Circles Widget
Active Display is one of the many touted features that contributed to increased sale of Motorola phones in 2013 with the launch of the Moto X. Alex helped the discovery of both visual and user experience direction.
The Circles Widget was a pre-installed home page widget on the Droid Razor and other Verizon phones. This idea started out with a 2D artist concept by Danny Jacobs. The prototype team took it a few levels farther, making it full 3D with various triggered animations.

hakathon prototype
There were 4 Hackathons that Alex participated in. Three were in Sunnyvale and one was in Chicago. He won in all 4.
There were many prototypes developed on that team. Most were internally thought-up but some came from outside teams wanting assistance with proving a concept.

watch faces Moto Connect
Watch Faces. Alex felt that the Moto 360 was a lost opportunity for Motorola. He thought that with a broader spectrum of shipped watch faces it would draw a larger audience at a fairly low production cost.
Moto Connect allowed your phone to communicate with your computer through a Chrome extension. It enabled you to receive and send text messages and get information about incoming calls, to name a few.

coffeetable application Backup & Restore
The coffee table application was looked as one of the many concepts the prototype team looked into.
Backup & Restore was launched in 2013 with the new Moto X and Droid Max line phones.

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Photoshoped Holiday card
Photo compositing 1 This is an image from a Christmas card. It's combined images from a post card and a photo of a car and a dog. The final touch was to add a patterned overlay of blowing snow. This car never actually saw snow. The concept is from an old VW Beetle image.

Photoshoped hardware concept
Photo compositing 2 Images are worth many words and in this case it conveys a hardware idea into something that is visually understandable.

Photoshoped concepts
Photoshop for Fantasy - trying to come up with the next big fantasy golf course...and a whole lot more.

Game concept
Digital Game Concepts
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Speaker model Tree model
Objects: From pre-rendered icons to full environmental placed objects.
Trees: These old low-poly models still hold up today.

Cabin model
Buildings: All created for various lower-resolution video games.

Environment scene
Environments: Early Playstation I through to more advanced HD coin-operated arcade machines.

Interior scene
Interiors: From various HD coin-operated arcade machines.
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